+ What is full spectrum lighting?

Full spectrum light closely simulates natural outdoor lighting and has a color rendering index of over 91. Natural lighting, which has an index of 100, is called Full Spectrum Light. Learn more about full spectrum lighting here.

+ What is the difference between a Chromalux® full spectrum light bulb and a common light bulb?

A Chromalux® full spectrum light bulb emits about the same amount of light as the common bulb. However, because Chromalux® casts a gentler, whiter light, and filters out yellow glare, it produces natural lighting that is actually easier on your eyes. You will soon see and feel the difference.

+ What is Chromalux® LED Lighting And What Are The Benefits?

LED stands for light emitting diode, which is basically an electronic light source. Chromalux® Par LED , Full Spectrum LED bulbs, LED fluorescent and LED Showcase Lighting Strips are all highly efficient (50,000 Average Life Hours), economically sustainable (reduces your maintenance bills on bulb and ballast replacement), and ecologically beneficial (reduces overall carbon footprint by eliminating mercury).

+ Does the Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb give off any harmful radiation?

Not at all. The only type of radiation that a Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb emits is infrared radiation (heat), as well as a small amount of U.V.A. rays (near U.V.), which is consistent with natural lighting.

+ Are Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs similar to light boxes used by doctors for seasonal affective disorder light therapy?

Not exactly. Light therapy boxes use fluorescent lamps; Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs are incandescent lamps that closely match the natural lighting of the sun- also an incandescent body. Light therapy boxes will generally provide a much stronger light and can be used only for about 30 minutes a day, while Chromalux® Full Spectrum lighting can be used without restrictions.

+ If I cannot supply my entire home with Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, then what are the best rooms to use them in?

You may use Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs everywhere in the house or the office for crisp natural lighting, and also in rooms where sunlight exposure is limited. The kitchen, living room, bathroom and office are all ideal choices for full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum light bulbs are appropriate for wherever you feel you need some white, natural lighting for a pure and comfortable environment.

+ Can I get the same effect from a Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb if I use a milk-glass lamp globe to cover it?

No, the natural lighting effect of the Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs will be greatly reduced when covered by a glass globe.

+ How long will my Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb last?

Chromalux® Bulbs are economical because they last approximately three to four times longer than regular bulbs. Your average household bulb lasts only 750 hours to 1000 hours, whereas the average life of a Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb is about 4000 hours to 5000 hours. That means less shopping and less hassle of changing burned out bulbs.

+ How can Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs be economical if they cost more than a traditional bulb?

With the average life of a Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulb at 4000 hours, it costs only $.029 per 10 hours. That’s less than three cents a day for the inviting feeling of simulated natural lighting year-round at home.

+ What makes full spectrum lighting last so much longer than other bulbs?

A specially designed filament with supports, a protective inner gas, and a brass-chromed socket to prevent corrosion are the special features that make Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs last longer than standard incandescent light bulbs.


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