A19 / 53W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Equivalent

A19 / 53W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Equivalent

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By closely mimicking nature’s sunlight, Chromalux® promotes peoples’ sense of health and well-being all year round. Chromalux® bathes rooms in pleasant light, with pure, crisp, and vibrant colors.

All Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs are made of special composition glass that is not colored or coated, but instead contains neodymium, a rare Earth element that absorbs yellow and other dulling components of the light spectrum.

The A19/ 53W Incandescent Equivalent bulb produces 60 Watts of light using only 53 Watts of energy. Perfect for use anywhere you would use an incandescent bulb. Enjoy your Chromalux® lighting in any setting and see and feel the benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting!

  • Voltage: 120V

  • Color Temperature: 4200˚K

  • Lumens: 1,170 (Clear glass) 1,080 (Frosted glass)

  • Average Rated Life: 4000 hours

  • Base: Medium/E26

  • Diameter: 2.75″ Length: 5.25″

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