Lumiram CREE LED Strip Light Kit- 12''/ 7W

Lumiram CREE LED Strip Light Kit- 12''/ 7W


An easy way to brighten up and instantly make your drab countertops and cabinets come to life! This kit includes everything needed (all accessories, power supply) to easily install your LED strip light and transform your space!
Ideal for under cabinets, for kitchen counters, showcases, anywhere you need an easy splash of energy efficient, bright white light!

Installation is as easy as using double faced tape—absolutely no professional installation required!

*Interconnector available to link one light to the next- to achieve the desired length.

  • 12″ Strip : 7 Watts / 530 lumens

  • Voltage: 24 Volts

  • Average life: 35,000 hours

Additional Accessories available if needed for custom setups

Color Temperature:
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