Lumiram Aurora™ Bright Light Therapy System

Lumiram Aurora™ Bright Light Therapy System

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The closest simulation to natural sunlight!

Aurora™ uses the latest high power, high C.R.I. fluorescent technology to best simulate the sun’s rays without any harmful U.V.

Providing 10,000 Lux of bright, color balanced, sun-like rays at a distance of 2 feet, you can use Aurora™ anywhere to begin improving your mood, increase your energy, and reset your sleeping patterns! We recommend using your Aurora™ light box for 30 minutes in the morning for best results: place on your kitchen counter as you enjoy breakfast, or on your office desk. 30 minutes is all you need to begin improving your health!

Some note-worthy features:

  • 110 Watts

  • Color Temperature: 5000˚K

  • Flicker-free ,high power factor electronic ballast

  • Solid Metal construction

  • Special prismatic lens for comfortable, glare-free light distribution

  • Compact size (measures 22 ½ high x 3 ¾ deep x 13 “wide) , light weight (only 10lbs) and easy to carry with a handle

  • Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor; 2 years on bulbs

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