Our Philosophy

Our concern for our clients’ health, well-being and satisfaction with our natural lighting and light therapy products provides the foundation for the business philosophy which guides HealthLighting.com. Our employees are proud and excited to be part of the HealthLighting.com Team. By maintaining these core values, we preserve that which has always been so very special about our company. These core values are the soul and essence of our company.


  • Highest Standards of Product Quality
  • Offering Products That Promote Health and Well-Being
  • Dedication to Customer Service
  • The Future of Healthy Lighting


Our Standards of Product Quality


We appreciate and celebrate the sun’s natural lighting benefits. It is through our dedication, innovation that we have developed product lines that best reflect today’s needs for natural lighting.


There are many natural lighting products available on the market today. It can be confusing to the retailer or consumer to determine which product might be right for them. We make it our business to ensure the highest quality is present in each and every product that we sell. We guarantee and stand by our natural and therapeutic lighting products 100%. And as the premier supplier of Lumiram’s Chromalux® and Lumichrome® full spectrum natural lighting product lines, our research has paid off with customer after return customer being 100% completely satisfied and thoroughly enjoying our full spectrum light bulbs, lamps and natural lighting products for their homes, offices, pets and display uses.


We make it easy for you to select us as your source for natural lighting products. We do extensive research and testing to find and even develop the best full spectrum lighting products and make them available to the consumer at competitive pricing.


Products That Promote Health and Well-Being


We evaluate the health benefits of our products to ensure that they are the best available for promoting the health and well-being of our customers. We have thousands of customers around the world who use our full spectrum and light therapy products to provide them with the benefits of the sun’s natural lighting. Our light therapy boxes are used extensively to help people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder , particularly during the short daylight periods of winter in northern climates. We sell only products manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that our products are the most effective in promoting healthfulness and have the longest product life expectancy.


Customer Service Excellence


Our focus on our customers’ satisfaction is the key to the success of our business. Only by satisfying our customers first do we have the opportunity to explore new natural lighting product ideas.


We have created an online-store environment that is user-friendly and informative. We promote our customers’ satisfaction by anwering all questions or concerns promptly and thoroughly. We endeavor to fulfill all orders and ship them out them out the same day that they are received. Many of our customers love talking about and sharing with friends how satsified they are with our full spectrum lighting products. Our customers have high expectations of us and we have been enormously successful in meeting, and in many cases, exceeding their expectations. By respecting our customers’ requirements, we know they help promote our natural lighting products even further to the world-wide market. We want to always outdo ourselves in customer service. A happy customer is a repeat customer.


The Future of Healthy Lighting


We continuously seek to expand our product line through innovating full spectrum lighting products. By constant and extensive research, care to customer satisfaction and listening to our customer’s needs, we will continue to be the premier supplier of full spectrum and therapeutic natural lighting products.


We are proud that we have been working with the actual innovators of full spectrum lighting for over 30 years, and continue to do so. As more people are educated about the fantastic health benefits of full spectrum lighting, we will design additional products as needs arise.


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