Reptile Sunshine UVB Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamp- T8

Reptile Sunshine UVB Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamp- T8

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With the highest coloring rendering index in the world of 98, and a color temperature of 6500˚K , Reptile Sunshine fluorescents provide reptiles with pure white illumination that closely simulates natural sunlight.

Reptile Sunshine emits beneficial ultraviolet rays in the 290 to 400 nanometer range (U.V.A. + U.V.B.), and maintains most of this output throughout the life of the lamp. A breeder’s best choice for promoting vitamin D3 synthesis and enhancing calcium absorption in captive reptiles. Also highly recommended for amphibian and aviary varieties!

Manufactured in Europe in T12 and the newest T8 technology, and saves 30 to 40% energy compared to traditional T12 fluorescent lamps (consumes 32W instead of 40W, 18W instead of 20W, etc). Long life, Reptile Sunshine has an average rated life of 24,000 hours and can be installed in electronic ballasts fixtures or in existing hoods with starters.

Available in standard sizes and wattages including 40W, 48 “T12, and is highly recommended in combination with Chromalux® incandescent reptile lights.

Reptile Sunshine saves energy while providing both U.V.A and U.V.B., bringing out your animal’s true colors and patterns!

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