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Chromalux® Full Spectrum Lamp

A light bulb as nature intended




Full spectrum lighting will transform the way you see and feel

By bringing you the best of the outdoors, indoors


Lighting that makes a difference


See better, feel better

Our beloved incandescent light source is softer on the eyes than traditional indoor lighting. All our bulbs are made with neodymium glass, which cuts glare and removes dulling frequencies.

Original technology

Unlike most full spectrum neodymium light bulbs that have the element merely coating the bulb, all our lamps are manufactured by compounding neodymium directly into the glass. The result is a partially filtered out yellow light spectrum, revealing a crisp light mimicking natural daylight. 

Well-being all year round

Intended for year-round use, your health will benefit from a more beautiful, enhanced environment with full spectrum lighting. Not only will your surroundings look better, you’ll also be supplying your body the light it was designed to receive, even indoors! Learn more about health & light


Powered by Lumiram

Maker of full spectrum lamps since 1959.


We are Lumiram’s official online store and the original maker of full spectrum Neodymium glass light sources from Scandinavia.

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We appreciate the sun’s natural light benefits!

Get the most most out of your lighting and use the healthier alternative- the one that mimics the sun! Use full spectrum light bulbs to see your environment and colors the way they were intended. Bring your surroundings to life and create a pure, natural oasis of pleasant light for your home and all indoor environments.