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Full Spectrum Lighting by

We are the premium source for all of your full spectrum lighting and light therapy needs!

We carry the original Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent light bulb, along with Lumiram’s Ecolume® and Lumichrome® full spectrum light bulbs.

For any home or commercial indoor applications, we guarantee bright, vivid colors and reduced eye strain.


Illuminating your world where it matters most  


We appreciate and celebrate the sun’s natural light benefits! 

It is our pleasure to provide you with an easy and informative online, one stop shop for illuminating your home, office, and all indoor spaces with the highest quality possible natural full spectrum lighting. It is our mission to illuminate your world in a new way, so that you see and feel your best.

Shop our carefully designed product lines, put together through extensive research and testing along with collaboration with innovators in Full Spectrum Lighting.


Create a pure and natural oasis of pleasant light for your indoor environments!